The go-to menstrual education community

1.8 billion women menstruate globally. Over 96% of them know nothing about the hormones fluctuating in their bodies. We are a brand that is part of the post-contraceptive revolution—empowering women to feel into their cycle and understand what it means to tap into their menstrual power, and work their flow rather than against it.


We started with menstrual education content and retreats, and when we realized the demand we began creating content on conscious conception, post partum, peri-menopause and more.

We combine holistic health and western science to help you get your power back. Only when we understand ourselves can we thrive in our relationships, work, and life.

Women in Underwear

Anytime, Anywhere.

Take your power back from the comfort of your living room wherever you are in the world. We provide the education, resources, and community to help you master your cycle. All we ask is that you make the time to give yourself the love and attention your body and your mind deserve.