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Sara Shah
Founder + CEO
Women's Wellness & Luxury Travel Curator

I believe in growth through meeting your edges and experiencing authentic and unique experiences.

Throughout the ages the purpose of travel has evolved, but at the heart of each journey remains the element of adventure and self-discovery.

After having lived in over ten countries, and traveled to well over thirty, I made the leap from my New York City apartment to become fully nomadic in 2018. I began traveling alone as a woman, and I felt liberated in an entirely new way. 


My favorite aspect of travel is sitting with local women and learning from them, young or old, they always offer me a new perspective—while reminding me we are all not that different after all. 


For the past 5 years, I've worked remotely and have hosted luxury women's wellness retreats and hospitality events in the food, wellness, and travel space. I've written and published pieces on my unique adventures of spiritual growth as a woman venturing through the world on her own.


Mother Yin's work is unique, as each journey has either heart driven purpose in mind, or a spiritual element to promote inner-growth. The trips are specifically designed for women who want to experience growth in the community of sisters. 


We honor each journey and space with gratitude, the heart of intentional travel.

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