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Mother Yin was conceived over time, and is a result of worldwide adventures, an open mind, a love of learning, a deep caring for the world around us, and a personal healing journey. But most of all it stems from one woman's shared hope to create sustainable change in society, and empower women of all ages and backgrounds across the world to find balance in their lives and bodies. 

Though Mother Yin was conceived and nourished all over the world, it was born in Bali, Indonesia—a magical island often referred to as "Mama Bali" due to its deep and omnipotent feminine energy. 

Mother Yin aims to provide access to free holistic educational health and wellness content for women via its newsletter and upcoming podcast. This information is sourced straight from leading holisitic female healers from around the world who participate via interviews.


The newsletter also features a guided meditation from Mother Yin founder, Sara Shah, who specializes in self-compassion and healing practices for women. 

The name Mother Yin is a mix of a few things. The logo reflects the yin yang, which comes from Ancient Chinese philosophy's idea of opposite forces existing together, yin represents the feminine force. The subtler meaning of Yin in Mother Yin is inspired by Guan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. And "Mother"refers to all the grandmothers and mothers who came before us to make our lives and this healing journey possible. 

May we all find balance in our bodies, minds, and lives. 

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