The Let's Talk About Series: Let's Talk About Boobs

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Boobs: big or small, save them all. Get to know your two best friends, and learn how your breasts change throughout the month.

Contrary to popular belief, boobs are never too big, or too small, or too firm, or too saggy, or too oval, or too round. Boobs just are. 

Sure, the media has marketed a certain type of breast to be better, but we are here to tell you your breasts are perfect as they are.

And as you may know, breasts evolve throughout your cycle and throughout your life. Just like your friendships, your breasts will change as the years come and go. But just because your friends age or change throughout seasons of their life does not mean you like them less.

Befriend your boobs, they've never done anything but be there for you. As a start, begin to notice how they change throughout the month. You can start by checking out our breast breakdown below. 

How your breasts during your menstrual cycle.  

Towards the end of your period, boobs start to shrink, this is a result of low levels of both estrogen and progesterone in the body during menstruation. They also may feel a bit less firm, and any aching you may have felt during PMS should have subsided due to the low levels of hormones circulating through the body.

After your period, as you edge towards ovulation, estrogen levels rise, and so do you breasts. They will become firmer and perkier around this time in your cycle.

And after ovulation, progesterone levels begin to rise. At this point in your cycle, your breasts will be the largest and feel firmer. Basically, they are swelling which may lead to the tender achy feeling that comes with PMS. They may also appear less symmetrical during this time, but once you start to bleed they'll readjust and find their balance. 

How your breasts change throughout pregnancy.

During the first trimester, it is normal for breast to begin to ache and feel tender. This is partially due to the fact that your breasts are growing in order to prepare for their new job. You may also notice that breasts appear more veiny than usual, this is because your blood circulation is increasing throughout the body. 

In the second trimester, your areolas will enlarge and darken. You may begin to experience a nipple discharge, or this may come a few weeks later.

In the third trimester, the breasts continue to grow, as a result you may even notice some stretch marks begin to form. This is normal, your body is preparing for the coming of the new family member's insatiable appetite!

A final note on boobs:

Love yours! They are perfect as they are. Get to know them by watching how they change throughout your cycle. And remember, if there is one constant when it comes to breasts, it is that they are always changing. Take care of your boobies.

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