Pssst... we have a secret. For a limited time only you can buy a sample of Mother Yin's moon cycle teas before they launch!


The teas are handcrafted in Bali, and blessed with feminine intention and energy. Each herbal tea is designed to enhance a particular week of your moon cycle, and improve overall hormnala regulation with scientifically backed herbal formulas. 


The teas were created with the help of a luxury tea brand in Bali and are designed to help enhance each week of your cycle. 


Include which custom blend formula you would like to order:


PMS Blend - Helps to eliminate bloating and proactively treat break outs. If you like citrus or lavender this tea is for you.


Menstrual Blend - Ease cramps with this formula. If you like rose petals or chai this tea is for you. 


Post-Period Rebalance Blend - Replenish your iron reserve and help heal any post-period breakouts with this tasty formula. If you like sweet floral flavors this tea is for you.


Ovulation Tea - Enhance your happiest time of the month with this mood boosting formula that promotes hormonal flow. If you like fresh tasting ingredients or oranges this tea is for you.


Overall Hormonal Balance Tea - Achieve overall hormonal balance with this tropical formula that replenishes your natural reserves with vitamin boosting ingredients. 


SURPRISE ME! - Do these all sound good to you? Let us choose for you. We promise you won't regret it!

Mother Yin Moon Cycle Teas

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Mother Yin Herbal Tea
  • Teas are all herbal and non-caffeinated. 

    Each ingredient is sourced with love from a farmer in Bali, Indonesia.

    Only available until September 10th or until current quantity sold out.